Current Projects

Jon Doliver

Multi-Print Google Drive Plugin

Allows you to print more than one document at a time via google docs.

A google drive add-on.

Created a google drive add-on that uses the Drive API and the PDF.js library from Mozilla to render documents as a PDF in the browser for printing. This provides a secure all-in-the-browser solution for printing multiple documents at a time from google drive.

Joe Jarvis, CJ Fallon, Zachary Hamann

y=mx+b game

Lets students practice y=mx+b form.

A python "turtle" program, interpreted through javascript, and brought to you on the web.

Eli Henry

Aspen Beautification

A Google Chrome Extenson.

A google chrome extenson to beautify X2.

Created a google chrome extension that makes the student interface more attractive and easy to use.

Thea Fennell

Feedback Loop Drawing Tool

Allows you to easily draw feedback loops in your browser..

A stand-alone systems thinking tool.

Created a Vue app to allow the user to create a feedback loop in the browser. The feedback loop is editable and calculates whether the system is balancing or reinforcing.

Hannah Richman & Davidson Doliver

IACS Deals Website

A website for the IACS Deals Group.

Created a unique web design for the IACS Deals group. Site is hand-coded and designed.

Garrett Mortimer-Nelson

Grade Checking Front-End Design

A mock-up of a better UI for checking on homework and grades.

Hand-coded a mock-up for a user interface for an ideal grade-checking interface.

Tim Sargent & Jason Lee

Pirate Ship Game (Parabolas!)

A simple pirate-ship shooting game to teach parabolas..

Created a game using the Phaser library to allow students to enter an equation for a parabola and see a cannonball move along the path of the parabola toward another ship.

Ghosts of projects past

Dylan Barrus

Phaser Side-Scrolling Game

Displays on a computer or phone; needs a keyboard to navigate.

A side-scrolling shooter.

Created a phaser game. First, created sprites that moves up and down, then created enemies that spawn and fly toward you. Next, I created bullets that shoot with the space key. Finally, I added music.

Jenna Lamourine


Runs on any computer or phones

A text based choose your adventure.

I used jQuery to create a simple text adventure game in plunker. I used CSS functions to make the game aestheticly pleasing. I coded it so that when a certain choice was made, the appropreate text would come up in responce to make the narrative move correctly. Lastly I made it so past text would be removed as to not clutter the screen.

Lovinia C

Bunny Hop?

Runs on a phone with tilt and click controls or on a computer with keyboard controls.

A simple javascript game where you win by jumping to the top.

I used phaser to build a simple game where a rabbit hops on other rabbits. Then, I expanded the game to have a world that is bigger than the screen, and follow the rabbit through the world with a camera. Next, I added a winning and losing screen and composed music to play when you win. Finally, I used the gyro.js library to allow you to control the game on a phone by tilting your phone.

Jonathan D

Capture the Flag

Needs firefox to run properly. Sometimes works on a phone for display, but you need the keyboard to navigate the game currently.

A multiplayer 3D Capture the Flag Game

I used as a 3d rendering framework, along with Vue.js for dynamic attributes (player positions, etc.). To allow players to connect, I set up an Express server using Node.js, to send the necessary files to users, and establish a connection for continuous syncing.

Maya Hegde

Word Search Generator

Works in google docs.

A google docs plug-in to make a word search.

I used the Google Apps Script API to make my word search generator plug-in. The plug-in allows the user to type all of the words they would like in their word search in the body of the document and my code retrieves that text to generate the appropriate word search. The plug-in allows users to preview the arrangement of the words in their word search and follows by giving them the option to either fill in the blank spaces with random letters, thereby finishing the word search, or rescramble the words; this is to ensure that the user is satisfied with the arrangement of the words before the word search is completed. The plug-in additionally allows the user to title their completed word search.

Cory LaFonde

Phaser Game

Displays on a computer or phone; needs a keyboard to navigate.

A phaser game where a character navigates a grid.

I created a sprite that can move on the screen using phaser. First, I built the world background as one giant image in gimp. Then, in order to make it so you couldn't move through walls, l re-created my background with code, creating an array representing the grid, and creating the world map using nested for-loops.